I’ve never attempted NaNoWriMo before.  I’ve always lacked the time or been embroiled in other projects.  Now that the first publishable novel (as opposed to the other two that are for my eyes only) is off to be reviewed by hard-headed professionals who drink more alcohol than I, I find that I may have the time.

The only question is am I insane for trying to do this at the same time as other projects?

Okay there’s a second question, much quieter than the first.  Will I actually do it?

Here’s the plan.  I’m writing it down to try to force myself to do it.  Genre: Magical realism. Subject: A man in his late twenties with two lovers, one male one female, who don’t know about each other.  Chapter titles: Song titles from Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes and B-sides from the singles.  Timeframe: 8-9 pages a day for 3 weeks, leaving plenty of time for unforseen things like procrastination and real life.

Sound interesting?  I sure hope so.  Let’s see if I actually do it.

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