A Declaration of Shared American Values

In conceptualizing this blog, I did so with the intention focusing on science fiction, fantasy, the art of writing, and the business of writing. Science fiction, is at its heart the genre of big ideas: technological, scientific, societal, philosophical, and political. As such, I have decided to occasionally meander off topic onto subjects which influence my own writing.

The first thought experiment I want to share a political question. What do we mean when we say American Values? As American citizens, each of us has a different, and often contradictory, definition of American Values, based on political affiliation, family upbringing, and regional variation. I have tried to strip the question down to its most basic form to make this declaration palpable to the largest number of Americans. Unavoidably, it is still written with my own point of view, but I hope that it also represents a broad understanding of American Values and can serve as a starting point for a reasoned dialog about the role of government in civil society.


We believe the most effective form of government is a government for the people by the people, a democratic republic where individuals are elected by the citizenry to represent them by making and enforcing laws which provide a framework to ensure its citizens have certain basic rights.

We believe these basic rights include the freedom of speech, affordable and healthy food, adequate shelter including access to clean water, electricity, heat, and broadband, a quality high school education and access to affordable universities, basic healthcare, a living wage, the opportunity for employment, and the freedom from violence, theft, harassment, and discrimination.

We believe that a free market is a dynamic system for creating wealth and providing these basic needs in an ever changing economic situation, but that a free market must also be well regulated in such a way as to ensure all citizens basic needs are met and their rights as stated above are not infringed upon.

We believe that where the free market system fails to provide these rights, the government can and should intervene to provide them either directly or indirectly through regulation.

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