Five Pages You Must Like on Facebook

The First rule of Facebook: Don’t talk about Facebook.

The Second Rule of Facebook: Like first, don’t ask questions.

If you’re alive and human you probably have a Facebook page.  Here is a list of pages that you must like on Facebook.  (Remember a decade ago when that last sentence would have been grammatically incorrect?

1) I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE.  First let me apologize to anyone with dainty sensibilities who finds the title of this page inappropriate.  To edit its title though would be to inaccurately portray this page as much as calling Evolution or Global Warming a controversial scientific debate or to claim the Earth was exactly 6000 years old because He Who Should Not Be Named said so.  Humorous and informative Science for the Win.

2) GEORGE TAKEI – For anyone who has ever wondered, Takei rhymes with gay which is of course the only reason anyone would possibly like Takei’s boring waste of an internet page.  George throws news articles, internet memes, and puns into a hypothetical blender resulting in laughs so hard as to result in involuntary bodily reactions.  Ohhh Myyy!

3) ANNE RICE – I don’t want my Vampires to sparkle any more than I want my archaeology and mythology whitewashed by Victorian ideals.  Even if Anne sometimes talks as if Lestat is real (is he?), her interesting questions and links to interesting articles are a refreshing break from lesser internet fangirl dribble.

4) DOCTOR WHO AND THE TARDIS BY CRAIG HURLE – A long time ago one of  my friends was a child and her parents made her watch Doctor Who.  The sound of Dalek’s screaming Annihilate! terrifies her to this day.  To fix this, Craig makes Dalek’s into cute and snuggly My Little Ponies with mostly spoiler free fun.

5) CAT SWAG – Because Cats.  Period.

And may I remind you of the Second Rule of Facebook: Like first, don’t ask questions.

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