About Trevor Boylan

Welcome to Trevor Boylan’s official website.

I am a Science Fiction writer living in the Philly Exurbs.  I have a BA from The Pennsylvania State University in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and highly recommend a humanities degree for broadening one’s perspective on life.  I have worked for Barnes & Noble and H&R Block, but an encounter with Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love changed set me on a new trajectory that has led to this new career.  Also, I have an obsession for all things feline.

Hopefully, you will soon find here fascinating tales of agents and publications, not to mention scandalous politics and salacious rumour.  Or perhaps you will only find useful information or opinion.  Please excuse the mess.  We’re building the site from scratch, chiseling the marble for the Doric columns, using our pestle and mortar to make the paint from all natural ingredients.

At the moment I’m leaving the commenting function on.  There is only one rule.  Play nicely.

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