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Writing, Facebook, and Google

     It’s been a long time since I posted anything here.  There are a lot of half written posts which I hope to edit and post in the coming months, specifically about Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Sexuality and on the current state of speculative fiction publishing.
     My life has happily been busy writing a new novel, editing and submitting short stories, and waiting for a certain publisher who has had a novel manuscript for almost a year to get back to me.  This time frame is not unusual for un-agented material, but I am also buoyed by the fact that at least one publisher has liked my novel enough to hold onto it this long.   My best news is that one of the professional speculative magazines asked me to send more material in a very friendly and humorous rejection letter.  Indeed, looking back at response times and the names attached to my various rejections, I now believe I’ve gotten onto the second look pile on more then one occasion.  If true, I am very happy with the current momentum.  Wish me luck.
     Recently, I’ve been noticing a lot of traffic, domestic and international, being directed here from Google.  I had known when you search for my name, Trevor Boylan, this page comes up as number 4.  Given the relative unusualness of my name, this makes sense to me.  However, I was a bit surprised to find that searching for Facebook Pages You Must Like my last post comes up as number 5.  (UPDATE: A friend just point out it’s number 2 with search words Must Like Facebook Pages.)  Given how off topic that post was to the intent of this blog, I’m a bit flattered by how much Google’s search algorithm likes me.
     In respone to this trend, let me add three more Facebook Pages you must like.
Oh Myyy – As George Takei’s life has gotten easier, his husband Brad and staff have taken up the mantle of posting ridiculous photos.
Sun Gazing – Some days I just need a positive affirmation about my life, the universe, and my chosen creative pursuit.  Sun Gazing provides all these things as well as some rather stunning art work.
Black Cats are Good Luck – Because there are simply not enough pictures of cats on the internet.